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21st Century Living Services is committed to providing programs for Aquired Brain Injury (any injury to the brain after birth) and Spinal Cord Injuries.  Established in September of 1989, 21st Century takes over following the acute rehabilitation phase of recovery, offering continued rehab services, group homes, activities, supervision, adult day service, medical, and long-term care.  Contact us at 1-800-452-9771 or 615-452-9766 to learn more about our programs. 

Traumatic brain injury occurs roughly every twenty seconds, making it a leading cause of death and disability for children and young adults.  Our mission is to provide real life opportunities for survivors of brain trauma.  Some individuals suffer serious physical impairment.  Others might retain excellent motor skills but are stricken with cognitive, behavioral, or emotional impairments.  Every instance of brain injury is as unique as the individual it affects, so we develop specific treatment plans on a case-by-case basis. 

It is our goal to move every individual we assist toward a daily life that has quality and function.  Studies have proven that an at-home environment offers the best setting for traumatic brain injury survivors to reach their maximum potential more rapidly.  This is why we operate a "normal" house facility in a "normal" neighborhood, provide realistic community integration, and work toward job opportunities that utilize our client's strengths while allowing them the room they need for continued growth. 

Our Day service program is licensed by the State of Tennessee, and we are a certified Rehabilitative services provider by Medicare and Medicaid.  We are also an authorized provider for TRICARE. 

We are a hands-on facility with a heart for providing assistance and excellent services for brain injured individuals.  Our staff of 25 provides living assistance, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, activities, companionship, transportation, and medical services.  In addition to having a doctor visit our facilities monthly, we also coordinate our clients’ doctor visits, including eye, dental, and specialist visits. 

Please feel free to look around our website for further information and details about our services and programs.  Remember, our clients receive unique solutions that are tailored to their abilities and disabilities.  The absolute best way to see if our services are right for your loved one is to call us for a free phone consultation at 1-800-452-9771.  With a few questions, we can determine your loved one's needs and the best course of action for treatment, and tell you how 21st Century could fulfill those needs.