Managing the care of a brain injured loved one can be a stressful and hectic process.  It can be an emotionally draining experience even without the many details, concerns, medications, and appointments to keep track of.  Our programs are designed to help you with as many of the little things as possible. One of the ways we are able to do this is in the area of transportation. 

Your brain injured loved one will have a variety of medical, vocational, and recreational appointments.  For these occasions, transportation is provided by 21st Century Living Services or, when necessary, by transportation resources within the community.  Families also may provide transportation for specific trips to home, away medical appointments, or treatments. 

If you have questions about your loved one’s transportation needs, or any other needs, you should feel free to call our office line at 1-800-452-9771.  We’ll be happy to talk with you regarding any fears, issues, or special circumstances that may be concerning you.